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What an amazing aroma this wine possesses! It’s full of peppery spice and crushed raspberries and it’s alive and exciting. The flavors are as compelling, showing off a concentrated fruitiness balanced by peppery tartness and the most beguiling silky texture.

The experiment we began in 2011, and did again in 2012, continues with this offering of 2013 Syrah 50% Grenache 50% from the new John Sebastiano Vineyard located on the eastern edge of the cool Santa Rita Hills appellation of Santa Barbara County. Please see my notes from last year but in a nutshell here is the deal:

We use sulfites in our wines sparingly. It’s traditionally added to avoid having wine turn into vinegar and in small quantities sulfites seem to preserve perfume and freshness, while larger amounts make wines more brittle, hard and rubbery. We were intrigued by a delicious sulfite free wine that a former employee (Sashi Moorman) made, and thought it would be a fun challenge to try making one ourselves

Blend: 50% Syrah & 50% Grenache | Alc: 14.0% | Vinification: traditional open top fermentation | Barrel Aging: 10 Months in Nuetral French Oak | Total Production: 128

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